Modding News, History of Dota and Most Popular Game Mods

Moding News

According to the latest modding news, the famous PC game GTA San Andreas has many mods that allow you to play this interesting and exciting game without getting bored. There are plenty of game mods for GTA San Andreas that can easily be installed by DIY and provide you a lot of fun to never get bored of it. There is also some news about the Vault PC game that has passed through a lot of mods in the couple a few months. It has been modeled and you can see the difference while providing now better-recreated map.

Most Impressive PC Game Mods of All Time

Mods sometimes include the total replacement of every aspect of the game such as new skins characters, visual upgrades, new experiences, and many other impressive pc game central mods. As the best games for modding were and still are the following pc games:

  • Garry’s Mod

This game is called the king of all mods. You can nearly do everything here by creating characters, worlds, scenarios. It has the best playground of fun, destruction, hilarity, and creation.

  • Portal prelude

The role of Abby that takes part in 19 different trials while using the portal gun was the best game for modding. There many new maps, lines of dialogues, and many other mods that will provide you a lot of fun while playing on your pc.

  • Multi Theft Auto

This game took the worlds of GTA games while allowing players to have fun while playing the two parts of the series: Vice City and Grand theft auto 3. After the release of GTA: San Andreas, there are many things to do in this game and made a huge impact on gamers.

  • Counter-strike

Counter-strike was a mod of Half-life but we are sure that you did not know many years before. It is one of the best shooter games that just improved the amazing game mods with the release of Counter-Strike: Global offensive.

  • Black Mesa

Quite sure that this is one of the best games for modding of all time. It is an achievement that using Half-live 2 engine was recreated the first Half-life game. It took many years to do it but it was a success. For those who do not know what the game is about, it is a new life into the original tale of Gordon Freeman. It consists of the new wild adventures at his new workplace.

  • Star Wars: Galactic Warfare (Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)

The base of the Star Wars: Galactic Warfare was Call of duty 4. After a decade of its released, it is still one of the most interesting and best games for modding. Many players have so much fun while playing it.

  • The Dark Mod

Dota - Most Popular Esports Game

We can say that we left one of the best games for modding at the end. It is obvious that Dota is the most popular Esports PC game of all time. Dota is one of the most played games nowadays and it was made as a mod from Warcraft 3 engine. The Seattle based developer is “guilty” for the popularity of Dota, but it is very important to know that this game was actually built by the community with a history that predates Valve’s game by almost a decade.

Today Dota 2 is a standalone game PC and is the most popular Esport game with the biggest tournaments with prizes in millions of dollars. It has become so popular that online casinos started to offer to bet on it.

Many online legal casinos offer different casino bonus features that allow you to play Dota and win real money. As the sports betting has become very popular nowadays, you can find Dota on any of the online legal casino sites where you can sign up for free and get a welcome, loyalty or reload bonuses. In order to the variations of casino bonuses, you can get a welcome bonus when you make the first-time real money deposit that will give you free money for playing and improve your strategies and skills.