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Two New Dibella’s Watch Addons

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I know, I know. I need to stop posting about this mod but how can I when Antiscamp has done such an impressive job on it. So, what now you ask? Didn’t we just get a patch for Dibella’s Watch a few days ago? Well this time it’s not a patch I’m talking about. Antiscamp has just made us aware of two new addons for Dibella’s Watch, while normally we don’t tend to cover every single small addon that comes out (as much as we’d love to) at least one of these is a must have for any players. The Dibella’s Watch Alternative Start addon adds a new starting point to the game. Instead of having to go through the boring old Imperial Dungeons intro that you have more than likely done a thousand times by now, you are able to start on Dibella’s Watch. Featuring a new player home in the form of a small cabin located in an all new village created just for the addon. It even features a new starter dungeon that gives the player a nice way to break into the game. Also you can expect it to fit nicely into the Dibella’s Watch lore considering it was created by none other than Antiscamp himself!

The second addon while not being any use to me is good news for all the German players who’ll now be able to play the game in German. This addon was created by Tamira with the help of Antiscamp and will hopefully be of great use to the German Oblivion community. So big thanks to Tamira for putting the time and effort into to making the mod more accessible. Now German players have no excuse to not try the mod, so get downloading. Also for those German players who also want to play the Dibella’s Watch Alternative Start addon, well I’ve got great news for you. Tamira has also translated that!

Read the full news post here. Download links below.

Dibella’s Watch
Dibella’s Watch Patch (Necessary)
Dibella’s Watch Alternative Start
Tamira’s German Translation Of Dibella’s Watch