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Project Reality: Battlefield 2 Updated 0.96


The incredibly talented team behind the hyper-realistic mod Project Reality: Battlefield 2 have just hit 0.96. Sadly there are still no sign of higher player counts which we’ve seen on the beta 128 player server.

This update comes with an all new map called Shijia Valley and several other maps have been updated as well. People will be happy to know that Mortar Base Protection Shields have been added on all maps. With these updates also comes many smaller changes from bug fixes to new visual effects. You can now expect to see ‘multicolored bird’ effects on Jungle maps.

There are also several new vehicles added to the mod and an all new shovel model added for all factions. You can also expect to see some updated textures and HUD effects.  The full extensive changelist can be viewed here.

Also with the release comes the mods first Desura release. You can now download the mod directly through the Desura client here. For other download links head to this page. Hope to see you on the battlefield!