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DICE Ditches Modders



Some sad news today for the modding community. We’ve just discovered thanks to an interview by German gaming magazine Gamestar with DICE executive  Patrick Soderlund which was quickly spread over the internet that Battlefield 3 will not be receiving any mod tools. The reason for the lack of modding tools seems to be that DICE believe that modding Battlefield 3 will be too difficult for modders. The interview could best be summed up by this quote, after referring to the complex features such as destruction and the new way levels are set up:

So we think it’s going to be too big of a challenge for people to make a mod.

Understandably the community didn’t respond to this news too well. Some gamers have even gone as far to say that this is just another way of forcing people to purchase DLC. Mods such as Project Reality and First Strike continue to attract large amounts of players and are the same if not better quality than the vanilla game. So it does seem odd that DICE would turn away from the modding community, perhaps there is some truth to the complexity of the engine.

  1. I really don’t know what to say about the news.
    The devs kept mentioning that the process of creating a level for the game became so complex that it is beyond the resources of a modding team. I guess they are right.
    I also think that the devs themselves do have some tools available. Ok, they think they’re not so polished to be safely released to the public, at least not without getting another round of backslash (“Teh SDK is teh sux” kind of stuff).

    But in this case they’re not even going to give modders a chance. I mean they can release the SDK, as crude as it is, and simply stamp it “use it at your own risk, no support from us”.

    Now, I’m not going to talk about the financial gains from paid DLC versus the longer lifespan given by mods.
    What I do want to bring up to the table is that modding shapes up future game developers. And any company that develops games and wants (at some point) to hire new people has to benefit from encouraging kids to become game developers. Never mind the fact that they will not need to post ads in the newspapers, they could simply search the modding community for people who have experience with their technology.

    • Lloyd Knott says:

      Yeah, this isn’t good news, there’s been a fair bit of backlash, especially considering the news that they’re dropping XP support and the rumours that went round that it was going to be an Xbox360 copy ported over(which DICE says is untrue) will put a dent in their PC sales.

      I agree with Herr_Alien above kinda, it will mean that BF3 players on the PC will probably find themselves frustrated on release as mods tend to start out as fixes meaning that they will have to rely entirely on DICE, who do seem to offer long-term support if not new content.

  2. Would be cool if they could release a level editor. Even its a lot of work. Some people might like to just create some small maps to for their portfolio, people got to get experience somewhere, and whats more better then making a map on a well known game to get attention.

    Some people are using half life 2 level editor to put onto their portfolios. But its old and not impressive anymore.


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