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Aether Released

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This is a bit of a belated post as this huge mod somehow slipped under my radar when it was released last Saturday but this is one mod you shouldn’t miss. Aether is a fantastic new mod for Minecraft created by a collaboration of modders from the Official Minecraft forums. Fairly described by some as more of a full expansion pack for Minecraft, the mod greatly expand on the Minecraft gameplay whilst not affecting the base game experience.

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The Aether is a completely new area accessible via a new portal that requires materials from the Nether to make. Unlike the Nether which is set in a deep underground area, the Aether is set high in the sky with floating islands and wonderful scenery such as clouds you can walk over. In this new area you’ll encounter all sorts of new enemies from floating clouds that throw snowballs at you to flying pigs which you can mount to get to new higher places. Add in floating dungeons with boss fights and a huge variety of new items to find and you have yourself a pretty incredible mod.

As this is a pretty late post, version 1.01 has already been released and contains a number of bug fixes. You can check out and download the mod for yourself over at the official thread.