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Welcome to the Yogbox, Beta 3

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Welcome to the Yogbox


Most people familiar with the community comings and goings that surround Minecraft are probably aware of the infamous duo of Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley, who voice the Yogscast, a web series on Youtube about Minecraft and other things.

Their popularity among the players of Minecraft has lead to their acquiring a sizeable community of Minecraft players and the core idea of creating a compilation pack of the more popular Minecraft modifications. This idea became the Yogbox, which saw it’s third revision a couple of days ago, implementing a number of bug fixes as well as a few extra mods being integrated into the pack.

Millenaire, a little bit of SimCity meets Minecraft

This update adds a few more mods to the mix, with installation being a simplified java installer that will install everything into a clean copy of Minecraft.

The new additions are Axebane’s Mystic mod set, which includes new rock types and ores, as well as his Ruins mod.

The second addition is a handful of mods by scokeev9: ScotTools(which fixes the pick when using mods that bring in new blocks), Randomite Ore, which basically creates a lucky dip-type ore block when you break it, and BiomeWater, which changes water colour as you enter each of the game’s biome regions.

A couple of airship pirates

If you fancy finding out a more comprehensive list of the pack’s contents you can check out their official thread over Here

You can grab your own copy at their Mediafire link Here