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Minecraft Friend Mod – No longer alone


Mr. Okushama has been busy of late. From his work on producing Humans+, an impressive mod that added several new mobs and an alignment/faction system, he has created the Friend Mod, a simple companion mod for single player Minecraft that gives you an ally in game. This companion will help you in your work as well as making that world feel a little bit less empty.

The default Minecraft Friend selection

Unlike your average friend, your Minecraft Friend has completely faithful and under your control and will follow you around as best as it can. The friend mainly acts as a defence system, as they will attack anything hostile to you  as well as acting as a bit of an autonomous inventory storage. The friend will also gain experience and levels, which presumably makes them more resilient to Minecraft’s night-time terrors.

You can grab yours over at the Friend Mod release thread, however you will need to install Risugami’s ModLoader and AudioMod, which you can grab at Risugami’s Mods thread