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Crysis 2 – Sandbox 3 Released


While a slight deviation from the norm, I would like to announce Sandbox 3 has been released to the general public for use in creating and modding new and existing Crysis 2 levels, respectively. Now, Sandbox 3 has hit with a bit of acclaim: It is highly optimized, polished, refined and sports a slew of new features I will be going over below. But first off I would like to tell you it is a very limited creation and, unlike Sandbox 2, cannot create partial or total conversion mods. So a Worry of Newport or Call of the Fireflies for Crysis 2 will most likely never happen. There are a few reasons that will be detailed below.

What you get instead is a highly polished and refined so-called “Level Editor”. If your goal is to make a new MP game mode, it actually can. If you want to convert existing maps to co-op (Not kidding) yes it can. If you want to overhaul the AI, add new props and cover and lighting to your SP campaign, and a lot more, yes you can. Its wonderfully ranged for modders and level editing gurus.



Requirements: Crysis 2 patched to 1.9, a 64-bit Operating System


New UI, vignetting, tessellated water and more

The penalties: Why it can’t partial or totally convert

First and foremost, its 64-bit only. If you don’t have a 64-bit OS you can’t play it sadly.

A: The Nanosuit is mandatory, it can no longer be disabled, limiting a lot.
B: Walkspeed, HUD overlays and sounds (Maximum Armor! etc) cannot be disabled anymore
C: It has less than 5% of the props Crysis 1 did, and is limited entirely to a City setting. SB2 had jungles, frozen anything ,forests, beaches…
D: Fog is gone, and the time of day editor is down to 1% of what it used to be. You basically can only slide contrast and saturation.


Now, here’s why you should be happy about the release of Crysis 2’s Sandbox 3

A: It will mean new multiplayer maps, of potentially limitless quality, you don’t need to buy
B: Crysis 2 mods will show up like better AI, new guns, improved performance, redux’s of favorite maps, etc.
C: New game modes, for both SP and MP, like co-op.


Sandbox 3 supports hyper threading, DX11, Ultra settings per the 1.9 patch, and every conceivable modern shading technique you can think of. Its very modern, very stable.