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Crysis 2 – Sandbox 3 Released


While a slight deviation from the norm, I would like to announce Sandbox 3 has been released to the general public for use in creating and modding new and existing Crysis 2 levels, respectively. Now, Sandbox 3 has hit with a bit of acclaim: It is highly optimized, polished, refined and sports a slew of new features I will be going over below. But first off I would like to tell you it is a very limited creation and, unlike Sandbox 2, cannot create partial or total conversion mods. So a Worry of Newport or Call of the Fireflies for Crysis 2 will most likely never happen. There are a few reasons that will be detailed below.

What you get instead is a highly polished and refined so-called “Level Editor”. If your goal is to make a new MP game mode, it actually can. If you want to convert existing maps to co-op (Not kidding) yes it can. If you want to overhaul the AI, add new props and cover and lighting to your SP campaign, and a lot more, yes you can. Its wonderfully ranged for modders and level editing gurus.



Requirements: Crysis 2 patched to 1.9, a 64-bit Operating System


New UI, vignetting, tessellated water and more

The penalties: Why it can’t partial or totally convert

First and foremost, its 64-bit only. If you don’t have a 64-bit OS you can’t play it sadly.

A: The Nanosuit is mandatory, it can no longer be disabled, limiting a lot.
B: Walkspeed, HUD overlays and sounds (Maximum Armor! etc) cannot be disabled anymore
C: It has less than 5% of the props Crysis 1 did, and is limited entirely to a City setting. SB2 had jungles, frozen anything ,forests, beaches…
D: Fog is gone, and the time of day editor is down to 1% of what it used to be. You basically can only slide contrast and saturation.


Now, here’s why you should be happy about the release of Crysis 2’s Sandbox 3

A: It will mean new multiplayer maps, of potentially limitless quality, you don’t need to buy
B: Crysis 2 mods will show up like better AI, new guns, improved performance, redux’s of favorite maps, etc.
C: New game modes, for both SP and MP, like co-op.


Sandbox 3 supports hyper threading, DX11, Ultra settings per the 1.9 patch, and every conceivable modern shading technique you can think of. Its very modern, very stable.





  1. I believe we will be seeing a full CryEngine 3 SDK in the near future based on what they announced previously. Still, looks incredible. Just cursing my lack of 64-bit OS at the moment!

    • Lloyd Knott says:

      yeah, the SDK is planned for August. I didn’t really get on with Sandbox 3 when I used it a couple of months ago, coming across as a bit of a fiddlier version of UDK’s interface

  2. Vintage_Green says:

    I can’t wait for some Crysis2 Sandbox3 tut’s to come out like all the nice one’s on youtube and other sites, they really helped me get the hang of the editor and eventually master it and now with city’s. City’s that are 75% all flying in the sky but you cant notice. I can make a beutiful lush dynamic jungle forest cliff river etc.. but these city’s are complex I am playing around with it alot and have started my own MP map it’s lookin nice 95% prefabs but still nice. I wish a detailed tut came out for MP modes theres alot and I can’t magicaly figure them out as you cannot access the Wars maps in Crysis2 to use as example’s. Also Co-op is a major to-do on my list. p.s I am very uneducated in game dev. self tought.

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