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A Shiny New YouTube Channel

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Some of you may be aware that Mod Sentry has had a YouTube channel for some time albeit a neglected one. We haven’t had the time to dedicate to it while still keeping you all updated and informed on the latest happenings in the community. Fortunately that has changed with our recent recruiting drive; one of the new additions to the team has taken control of the channel. Michael Baker will be handling both the channel and all video production for Mod Sentry while also writing the new Blast From The Past column on a weekly basis.

Along with Michael we are also welcoming three other new additions to the team, Nick Staples, Jonathan Follett and Kevin Burda who will all be writing articles for the site.  You can check out Jonathan’s first article here where he interviews a member of the Firearms: Source team. You can also look forward to Kevin’s review of Zombie Panic: Source and Nick’s coverage of Command & Conquer: Generals mods shortly.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and please subscribe to help support Mod Sentry!