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MechWarrior: Living Legends Updated 0.5.0

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The incredible mod which turns Crysis Wars into a true to the originals fan sequel to the MechWarrior series of games has reached a new milestone. Version 0.50 is a hefty update and is certainly one to boast about.

Featuring two whole new game modes, a map auto-downloader system, four new maps and much more. Alongside this comes optimizations and balance changes to further improve the gameplay experience. The new feature I’m most excited about is most definitely the new Solaris Arena mode which looks incredible. The level of detail in this mod continues to show the dedication and professionalism the devs give to this mod.

 News of the update hasn’t hit ModDB yet but you can still check the release post out here and then proceed to download it here. Please note that the mod is no longer compatible with Crysis and you will need a copy of Crysis Wars to play.