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FUEL: REFUELED Updated V15.4 Patch #3


The FUEL: REFUELED mod for FUEL has just been updated. The popular racing mod by Vetron continues to greatly improve on the core gameplay of FUEL. With this update comes several changes. First off it’s now possible to pull wheelie on a quad bike using the same method you would use with a motorbike. This is affected by the kind of quad bike you are using. A fun addition that came with this is the possibility of doing the same maneuver with certain cars.

The next change is the removal of blue flames which you see when you reach your top speed, people who want to keep it can still enable it. Along with these changes came a couple of minor changes, the minimum speed for road vehicles has been increased for off-road driving and several optional mods have been brought in which enable players to modify several difficulty-related options of the game.

You can check the mod out on ModDB and download it here.