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Dibella’s Watch Updated Beta 08


Our favourite upcoming mod for Oblivion has just been updated yet again. Antiscamp has commited to putting out a constant stream of updates and improvements which haven’t failed to impress me yet. As usual this update adds a little bit of everything to the rapidly expanding mod. My personal favourite addition this round is the new Jungle area which I look forward to adventuring in.

You can check the mod out for yourself over at the ModDB page.


Version Updates


– Merged the previous updates into one .esm-file.
– Did numerous minor corrections and additions.
– Started the landscaping of the newly created western areas.
– Did balancing of creatures, armours and weapons and such things.
– Created a jail. No more stealing stuff and being let off by the guards. Now you will go to prison.
– Added capes and cloaks in different colours to decorate NPC’s. Redressed many NPC’s as a result.
– Added a new weapon, the Crusader Sword.
– Added Woodlander armour and bow.
– Added Wheelbarrow and Palisade meshes.
– Created Woodlander Bandit Camp in the Western Great Forest.
– Added several new creatures and enemies to fight all around the continent. Among others:
– Added a new creature, the Tiger, which inhabits the western areas.
– Added Jungle Trolls to the Far West as well.
– The Civilized East is not so safe anymore. Added some Highwaymen to the roads.
– Wrote another in-game book “The Lost Crusade”.
– Updated the in-game map. I’m still not satisfied with the coordinates of the markers, but it’s a WIP.