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Battlefield 1918’s Final Release


The 3.1 update for Battlefield: 1918 has been in development for three years now. Over that time the development team have clearly been putting an incredible amount of work into bring a huge chunk of content to players. While many mods follow the “Release Early,Release Often” philosophy in order to maintain the interest of players, this mod has taken the alternative route of create a huge pack of polished content and releasing more infrequently. While it is an unusual method in the modding community, it definitely seems to have paid off for the Battlefield: 1918 team.

The pack itself contains a considerable amount of content. Including sixty-five new weapons and vehicles, thirty five new maps, five remade maps and two new nations to play as. A lot of this content can be seen in the release trailer:


You can check the mod out on ModDB and download it either here or from this torrent.