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SturmMod 1.2 Preview

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Big thanks to the Projekt A.R.I.E.L. team for giving us a look at the upcoming graphics update for SturmMOD! The mod is being done by the talented Didjay who is well-known for his own Farcry 2010 project which is a huge visual upgrade for Farcry.

SturmMOD is a unique mod which is sure to appeal to literature fans out there! The mod adapts Shakespeare’s play The Tempest into the videogame environment. Rather than simply telling us the story through a linear series of events, we are left to discover the events for ourselves.

The update focuses on the visual experience, pushing the CryEngine 1 to its limits which results in the mod becoming more immersive. Some of the notable new additions include bump-mapping on textures, improved water and lava effects and plenty of environment changes. You can also expect to see new fauna such as insects and plants which help bring the island to life. Overall I was very impressed by Didjay’s work and very much look forward to seeing more of Farcry 2010

Having played through it several times, I must say what these guys have done is incredible. This was my first experience with SturmMod and it was both interesting and unique. The new, pretty visuals really were just the icing on the cake. I’d highly recommend it to both Shakespeare fans and gamers who want to explore something truly unique. Just a warning to those who don’t handle scares very well, this mod does have a couple, not to mention at some points a very unsettling atmosphere so consider yourself warned!

The update will be dropping in the next few days so keep your eyes on the ModDB page here for the download!

Finally here’s an exclusive screenshot I took to wet your appetites