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Site Update – Rewarding Comments, Write For Us And YouTube Request


Just a small update since we haven’t had one in a while.


We are now using the new PunchTab service to reward regular visitors and people who comment on the blog. It’s still early days for the service but it already looks impressive. If you encounter any problems with it then just comment below.


We will be releasing details on how to submit content to Mod Sentry soon, I can’t say much at this stage but it will be a three-tiered flexible system allowing people who don’t have the time to be a regular writer to review mods or make a guest post.


Our YouTube channel has been neglected but I’m beginning to change that now. Starting with building a playlist of Mod Trailers on it. If you want your trailer to be featured on it then send us a link to a preferably high quality download of it and we’ll get it uploaded and in the playlist.