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Garry’s Mod To Officially Support Source Mods

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Garry has confirmed on his blog that in his next update he will be adding support for mounting content from several Source Mods. The mods include DIPRIP, Dystopia, PVKII,  Zombie Panic: Source and Age of Chivalry. He’s also attempted to get in touch with the team behind Insurgency but to no avail. The mods will be joining Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 content in the next patch. This is great news for people who want more content in their game without jumping through the hoops they previously had to mount these games.

From what I understand, they will only come in the form as props but I’m sure it won’t be long before people start scripting them into more exciting things. For those of you who were hoping for spawnable Left 4 Dead hordes I’m afraid that due to a bug with the Left 4 Dead animation system we will not be getting them as NPCs either.

We have no idea when the patch will drop yet but I am already getting ready for the release by ensuring I have copies of all the mods installed. I’d recommend you do too, you’ll find all the mods available on the Steam Store.