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C&C: Shockwave Updated 1.1

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C&C: Shockwave is one of the most popular mods for C&C Generals: Zero Hour. It has a large amount of changes focused on enhancing the core gameplay and making the game more interesting for players. With three new generals and plenty of new units to play with the mod has unsurprisingly gained a large following. The update comes with another announcement however, this update will be the final version of the mod and the team will no longer continue working on it. While it is sad that the team will no longer be updating Shockwave it does mean they have more time to work on Rise of the Reds which is another Generals mod that they are still updating.

One of the notable changes in this update is the code optimization which should prevent some issues such as lag, load times and crashes from occurring which will be a big relief to players who were experiencing these issues in 1.1. Other changes include new upgrades, improved models, general game balancing and plenty of fixes.

Read the full changelist here. You can check out the ModDB page here and download the mod here. Also, a big happy birthday to The_Hunter649, thanks for creating such an enjoyable mod.