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Week Of Zombie Panic: Source


Today marks the first day of a week-long Mod Sentry event. We will be featuring Zombie Panic: Source every day this week along with our usual news. The event will run until Friday.

The first feature will be a look at the zpo_aquatica map. I was playing this map last night and it really impressed me. Expect the feature within the next 24 hours!

Until then, go download the Zombie Panic: Source mod off Steam here and join me on the servers. I will be called |aX| Sharkz for those who want to play with me. Find out what server I’m on by checking my Steam page here.

EDIT: Will not be playing tonight, the really nice convictgaming server I played last night has banned me on connection for some reason today, the only reason given is ‘illegal’, unhelpful server admins aside I will be playing tomorrow once I find another server to play on. Sorry guys.

Edit Edit: Found out it was probably due to having the website name in my name from reading the rules. Guess I’ll be playing with the tag for now, I’ll still be looking for a new server however as I’m not happy with Convict Gaming.