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The Worry of Newport – Part 1 Returns

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Cthulhu-esque Mod  for Crysis comes back with a punch. Having had a pretty bad release in November, The Worry of Newport – Part 1 has returned and has definitely upped its game. The creator, C-zom, has clearly spent a considerable amount of time refining the mod and perfecting it for its return. The new version brings with it various improvements ranging from graphical details to a new book reading system. The mod boasts an interesting and still relatively unique style of gameplay focusing around story and narrative over combat or twitch-based gameplay. Compared by some to the classic Dear Esther mod, this mod is certainly going to go far with this kind of work going into it. 


If you’re interested in checking it out then go to the ModDB page here and download the mod here. I’m planning to do a video playthrough of the mod for those of you without Crysis can see what it’s like. 

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