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Source SDK Is Getting Long Awaited Update


It seems Gabe and his team are finally coming back fix and improve the Source SDK. This is incredibly exciting news for the Source community as the current toolset is best described as an awkward and painful experience. We don’t have much information at this point, all we know comes from a recent interview with Gabe on the Steamcast podcast.

Here is the relevant quote retrieved from the transcript:

 MasterGir asks: ‘Will Valve ever update the source SDK, especially Hammer?’
 Tools are… very painful, so we probably are spending more time on tools development now than anything else and when we’re ready to ship those I think everybody’s life will get a lot better. Just way too hard to develop content right now, both for ourselves and for third-parties so we’re going to make enormously easier and simplify that process a lot.


The Source SDK has long needed an update and it seems our prayers have been answered. Over the recent years we’ve seen some mod developers make the jump to UDK which is updated often and has some very lovely features. Despite this many developers have stuck it out with Source, whether it’s just out of familiarity or just pure dedication to a great engine.

While the tools have their quirks, they are still familiar to most developers and the Source engine continues to have a huge player base and this update promises to further improve things.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for future updates but in the meantime check out Steamcast for excellent podcasts and you can listen to the interview with Gabe here: Part 1|Part 2

What do you think about this development? Anything you really want to see in the new Source SDK? Let us know in the comments section below!

  1. I am working on my second game. My first game based on Ken Silverman Build Engine.
    This second game I working on is based on Source SDK which is my favourite engine now. But because of my giant serious planes I want to get all the best from new SDK. All I need It’s .. Almost Unlimited Brushes and Models to be placed on the one map, and Absolutely Real Dynamic Lighting… If You, Valve, Will give me this… I Will give you great game! I’m not joking..

    • Having seen multiple incredible maps have to make changes in order to avoid such limits I must say I agree with you. It’s time they did increase some of the limits especially as nowadays PCs can handle more than what they did in 2004. I imagine some of the changes will come with Portal 2 but we will have to wait and see!

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