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Our Five Favourite Bukkit Plugins



It is about time we did a Minecraft post here. Most the team have been big fans since the original creative servers and even back then, there was some impressive custom content being released for it.

Originally we were going to do a plugin about the passing of the best server mod crown from Hey0 to the Bukkit Team, but that ship has long since sailed. So instead we decided to have a look at some of the plugins coming out (or indeed released)  for Bukkit. We haven’t played Minecraft since Hey0 stopped being updated, so there’s a lot of interesting new stuff to sift through. Here are five of our favourite plugins for Bukkit:

1.  Stargate

A favourite on our last server, this plugin is very handy for people with big maps. It also allows for some interesting RP related situations. For example, on our server we had a vault where we could store items, but it was in a hidden location deep underground and was only accessible via Stargate.

This version for Bukkit is still in the beta stages but it already looks very interesting. Check out the forum thread here.

2. Spells

Here’s one that really caught my eye. It has a rather large amount of spells that look to be incredibly helpful. I’m very curious to see where this one goes. With spells like Familiar and Cushion, it looks to be one of the more unique spellcasting plugins I’ve seen. You can check out the forum thread here.

3. mcMMO

I’d seen a couple of levelling plugins being developed for Hey0 a while back, but none of them compare to this. Possibly the best level up plugin for Minecraft. I really want to see where this one goes with new features. While I realise most people want to keep the grind out of Minecraft, this one contains enough extra features to make it worthwhile. You can check out the forum thread here.

4. Essentials

The title says it all with the one. An absolute necessity in my opinion. Some of the commands make it a lot easier to manage a server and give enough extra functionality to make it well worth the addition on any server. The forum thread is almost a 100 pages long, which speaks volumes about its functionality. Check it out here.

5. Heroic Deaths

As we come to the end of our first Minecraft list, we get to one that doesn’t add any functionality to the game at all! Instead it simply tells you about deaths (and the nature of these deaths)  in often humourous ways, as shown below. Check it out here.