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Mod Sentry Celebrates 10k Views

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By adding a Scott Pilgrim poster into The Sims 3… I’m kidding! Well, kind of. I did actually do that today, but we are planning something bigger. With some encouragement from PlanetPhillip (Thanks again),  Mod Sentry will be holding a competition soon. I’m still sorting the details but at the moment it will involve 3D modelling. I’m hoping to do it in conjunction with a Mod Sentry related project revolving around the Source engine but more on that soon. After I’ve contacted some more knowledable people in the community then I’ll be ready to reveal more details about it.

For now I’m looking for sponsors who will help with prizes. This is one for the 3D Artists but I hope to do future competitions for other fields of Games Development. Thank you so much for everyone who continues to visit and read the latest posts. Thanks to the mod makerswho continue to produce such amazing work and thanks to everyone who’s helped me with the site, from advice to editing. You guys rock! I promise that we do have new features in the works, from videos to an expanded list of features. We’re also going to be doing some Mod Sentry sponsored mod packs but I can’t spoil too much about that yet.


David Geraghty

I wasn't kidding.