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Freespace Goes Tactical

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The Freespace: Evolution mod has endeavoured to bring the popular Freespace universe into the Real Time strategy game Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. The mod has just seen its first public release, starting at 1.0. Developed by Arparso for over a year now, it certainly looks like it gives the Freespace name justice. So if you’re a fan then you should definitely pick this up if you are a fan. I might take a look at this myself as I’ve been trying to find a decent Space RTS game recently.

Feature list:

  • 11 small to medium sized capital ships from the Freespace universe
  • 21 fighters and 13 bombers
  • 4 rather simple missions to get in touch with the mod
  • authentic Freespace music, sounds and graphics effects

You can check out the release post on ModDB here and download the mod here.

Tell us what you think of it in the comments below.