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Five Beautiful Source Maps You Should Play


It’s about time we did one of these kinds of posts. We are big Source engine players at Mod Sentry and really enjoy exploring maps that are beautifully created so without further ado and in no particular order; the maps:

1. gm_adventurers

Download Here

 Simply put, this map is absolutely incredible. The level of details and interactive elements along with an impressive amount of custom content make this map perfect to explore. It’s hard to describe how mind-blowing this map is. It’s one that everyone must play at some point in their life. Based on a real place that once existed in Walt Disney Land, gm_adventurers seriously raised the bar in terms of map quality. In fact, here is a video so you too can experience this map before you download it.

2. de_wanda

Download Here

 Quite an oldy now but still a classic example of how beautiful Source maps can be. Based off the Shadow of Colossus game. This map has a huge amount of custom content and interesting features while retaining decent gameplay for Counter-Strike Source. The only issue I see is the rather large size (150mb) making it difficult to run on a public server but it is a great map to explore and I urge you to download it now!

Plus it has this amazing scene in the middle of it

3. rp_apocalypse

Download Here

 Relatively new in comparison to the other maps on here. rp_apocalypse is an impressive post-apocalyptic map that rivals gm_atomic. It’s ambitious in both size and content. You will have a great time exploring all the different features of this map. From the war bunker hidden underground to the small fortress. This map has plenty of uses and plenty to look at so definitely worth a download.


4. de_nightfever

Download Here

 A popular Counter-Strike Source bomb map, de_nightfever still sees a lot of players despite being a five-year old map. At 45mb it’s still a hefty size but thanks to fast downloads it’s not too much of a problem anymore. The map itself is beautifully made and maintains one of the best gameplay layouts out of any custom bomb map.

5. rp_suo

 Download Here

This is a very nice map, it’s got some interesting features and is ideal for a roleplaying with a group of friends. It’s not too big which allows the detail to be more concentrated on the central base which is well-designed. The added night version of the map is also an excellent addition. It also features a nice surrounding area featuring small lakes and woodland.

Think we missed a map, have something to add? Tell us in the comments below.