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Dead Before Dawn: Director’s Cut

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The incredible Dead Before Dawn Campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 has just received an update in the form of a Director’s Cut release. With plenty of changes to the maps. It also sees the removal of the original first map in the campaign Citylights, this was to bring back an old concept map called Undead Center which from the sound of things, is going to either be really frustrating or amazing.

For those who don’t know about the Dead Before Dawn Campaign, it is one of the most interesting campaigns I’ve seen for Left 4 Dead, it spent a long time in development and I still remember the first teasers for it. It’s professional with excellent quality voice acting and beautiful environments. It’s based on the Dawn of the Dead remake and does the film justice.

Check out the official trailer below.


Fans of the campaign should go check it out now on ModDB and download the Director’s Cut here.

Changelog Below

Changes final list: for dbd2 Version 4 (Director’s cut)

  • Citylights map (1) removed: Anna is gone is now map 1
  • New map: Undead Center added as map 4
  • New loadingscreen
  • Fixed 3/4 version of the loading screen showing the outrosreen
  • Fixed poster tile not being shown in in-game server listings

Map 1 Anna is gone:

  • Created a new intro similar to our stylized credit trailer
  • Deleted all explosion enities at the blocked tunnel, because some ppl get hurt there.
  • Colored many props darker cause we had some lighting props
  • Added a HUGE sign to warn player of the chopper blades
  • First half of the map has now only t1 weapons
  • Weapon spawn density increased by .500 pts to provide more weapons in the beginning of the map
  • Magnum pistol spawns

Map 2 The Mall:

  • Colored all props in the safehouse cause they were also lighting
  • Equalized mall supply door opening event with approximate crescendo duration
  • Added some gifts in dead end areas
  • Changed the lighting in some areas

Map 3 Clean up:

  • Added a slightly moving camera for the toilet scene
  • Added more hints for player to know where to go
  • The west gate “hold buttons” event is optimized to avoid glitchy button syndrome when playing on high ping servers
  • North gate speed increased by 15%
  • Nav optimization
  • Empty battlefield to ease up too much zombies during north gate event
  • Versus measures to ease up north gate event (director script adaptations)
  • 1 more “event salvation” item in the locked gun shop

Map 4 Undead Center:

  • SURPRISE! but if you didn’t like the 1 millionst gate event, then you will hate this map 😛

Map 5 New Dawn:

  • Ammo in the start saferoom
  • Fixed some nav problems
  • Fixed FinaleEscapeVehicleReadyForSurvivors trigger delay (bots didnt get to rescue vehicle nav)
  • Finale hordes are slightly bigger