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Renegade X’s Birthday Tease

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The Renegade X mod for Unreal Tournament 3 is slowly making its way into UDK, the remake of the classic (or not so classic depending on your opinion) Command and Conquer: Renegade game has already proved to be popular in its current form. This hasn’t prevented the dev team from continuing to push the mod however and they have recently been teasing us with information about a new mini-campaign. We can excuse them for the recent teaser as they are celebrating their fourth birthday as a mod which is an impressive amount of time considering the amount of mods that make it this far.

Being a big fan of the original game; I’m a big fan of the Renegade X mod and as it progresses into Indie game territory I can only see myself getting more into it. So without further ado; the new Renegade X teaser:


Check them out on ModDB here or download the mod for Unreal Tournament 3 here.