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Site News: Excuse For Lack Of Posts/Recruiting

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Wow, almost 9 days without an update! I am very sorry for this and offer my sincerest apologies for the lack of news. 

The Excuse 

 I have got involved with a new upcoming remake of an old popular FPS game which we are converting to the Source engine but can’t give you anymore information than that at this time. I’ll be handling the website, news posts and will be helping manage the project which is actually a rebirth of another mod team’s attempt to recreate the classic game but unfortunately died due to lack of organisation and dedication from some of the members. I’ll be sure to post about the kind of stuff that goes on behind the scenes on a major Source mod soon and will do a series of articles discussing some of the basics of project management, organisation and websites in relation to making a mod. 

In return for being such amazing readers: Here's a LEGO Sentry Gun made by Steve Barker! Source:



While I feel like I could and should do a better job of keeping this site regularly updated I still can’t cover all aspects and areas of the mod scene. The mod scene covers a wide assortment of games and I can only really cover the ones I’m familiar with. That said I’m looking for several more writers who can contribute on a weekly or bi-weekly basis with news from various areas. 

In particular I’m looking for writers who are familiar with these games and the mods that people create for them: 

Sims Games (Sims 3, etc)
RTS Games (Starcraft, etc)
RPG Games (Oblivion, etc)
Any Games that support modding that don’t get enough love (Zoo Tycoon 2, etc) 

Though they are some key areas I want to cover I am still looking for writers who are interested in any field of the mod scene and want to write about it. Unfortunately this isn’t a paid gig as the advertising doesn’t even come close to covering its own costs let alone several paid writers. I’m looking for dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers with a real passion for writing and modding. So if you’re looking to improve your writing skills or just want to show some love to the mods you admire most then please contact me.