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You Got Team Fortress In My AvP2!?


This was one of those moments where I just couldn’t believe my eyes. AvP2 was my first ever online FPS and I remember being addicted to it back in its heyday and it’s always nice to jump into the game again but I would have never imagined a Team Fortress style mode for it, that is until I accidentally stumbled upon AvP2 Team Fortress, when I first saw this I genuinely got excited over the idea of a remake of a classic like AvP2 but after some research I discovered that the mod actually was for AvP2 and not the other way around, nevertheless I took a closer look and was very impressed with the mod, for those of you who still enjoy AvP2 you should check out the mod here. For those of you haven’t experienced the joys of AvP2 then what are you waiting for,  go play it!