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Modular Combat 2.0.4 Released


This update for the popular Modular Combat mod for Half-Life 2 comes with the passing of a torch as the previous Lead Designer steps down onto the sideline due to real life and we meet the new Lead Designer who we’re told has been doing most the duties since 2.0.0. So we say thank you to Matthew Dryden for his dedication and amazing work on Modular Combat and warmly welcome Jordan (Mr. Wallet) and wish him the best in taking this position at such a successful mod.

Now, onto the actual update:

For this update we’re mostly seeing bug fixes, balances and general tweaks to the game. We’re also being given two new baddies to play with, the Blast Vortigaunt which will only be using the short-range Dispel attack and the more terrifying sounding Suicide Vortigaunt which from the sounds of things, I’ll be avoiding.

You can check out the release post here and download the mod here.