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It’s Time To Reinstall Oblivon, Nehrim – At Fate’s Edge Released!

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Several months ago, a mod that went above and beyond the call of duty in terms of what players of Oblivion needed was released. unfortunately for us non-German folk, it wasn’t in English. Today, we finally get our greasy paws on the English release. Rather than the average Oblivion mod which tends to just change or add onto the normal Oblivion experience, Nehrim is a completely standalone world that is just as large as Oblivion’s but entirely hand-crafted. With a voice cast of more than 50 professional voice actors using a Berlin recording studio ensure that even the conversations will feel fresh albeit still in German. The mod boasts a longer campaign than Oblivion, with more depth and development while remaining completely free to download and play (you still need Oblivion). Plus it disables that blasted immersion-breaking fast travel system that I never wanted to use but always felt compelled to in order to avoid running through the same forests for hours on end. Hopefully with the hand-crafted world, journeying on foot or horseback should be a more pleasurable experience. Anyway, why are you still here? Go download it now!