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Introducing The Mod Sentry


The Mod Sentry is a new website devoted to news about the current happenings in the modding scene. We are devoted to bringing the latest news straight to the community. The website is not 100% functional yet but we are at the point where we can start posting news and will soon be ready to build up a large database of reviews. We have just introduced a new feature which is a contact form where you can submit tips, suggestions and anything else straight to the team, so if you are working on a Mod, Map or anything else relating to modding then just send it to us through the contact us link and we’ll jump right on it. We would like to thank the viewers we have so far and encourage them to start commenting and getting involved. We are looking for several more team members so if you are interested then contact us and we’ll be in touch

The above picture was created in Garry’s Mod using the map Gm_Urbex along with the addons Wiremod and GCombat

  1. The site looks promising! =)
    I hope you keep up the amazing speed in which reviews are done and that people will start to write more comments soon.

    • David Geraghty says:

      Thanks for the support, I’m still working on improving the website and expanding on it’s features so hopefully in the future it’ll be easier to use and have more content.

  2. I’m selling sotinhemg for the first time on ebay and I’m trying to figure out how i receive the payment. I know i can link my checking account to my paypal account but will paypal charge me for selling and if so how much? Any info on paypal and how it works would be useful.

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