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Counter-Strike Source Like You’ve Never Seen It Before


It goes without saying that there are thousands of maps for Counter-Strike Source, ranging from the blocky, full-bright maps that took little to no effort to the full-blown masterpieces that years of hard work have been put into. It goes without saying cs_metrobudapest is one of the latter. Five years in the making (yes you read that correctly), this map is the masterpiece from, a cut down version of the map was released today which cut down on the size by over 200 mb. While the cut down version is still a meaty 302 mb it definitely looks amazing. The map is chock full of custom textures, models and contains some of the finest brushwork that has been seen by this poor mod reviewer in a long time. I was impressed by almost every aspect of this map and from his development blog you can see the sheer amount of work that was put into the map.

The file size might be off-putting to server admins as long downloads tend to keep players off the server but I honestly hope some brave admins run this map as it has amazing potential and is certainly a Valve quality map if not better.

Check the map out and download both versions here.